10 Examples of App Store Preview Videos

Gabe Kwakyi
7 min readNov 21, 2017

In need of some inspiration for app store preview videos for the world of iOS 11? Bookmark or share this page (and our blog!) for inspiration when creating your app’s preview video.

iHeart Radio App Store Preview Video

iHeart Radio’s App Store preview is an excellent example of a new class of preview videos, wherein Apple allows (or does not disapprove) an app to create a near-cinematic marketing experience. iHeart leverages heavy design and animation production effort to build a branded experience that stands out to an impressive degree, and focuses the user’s attention on the handful of key messages that iHeart wants the user to retain. Using an animated device also enables iHeart to control the brand experience fully and change the device color, rather than being forced to let the real device profile be a distraction during the background color changes or lose the screenshot-containing benefit of screenshots-only.

iHeart also ends the video with its core messaging, plus a compelling “it’s free!” message, which likely has a big impact on conversion rate.

Peloton App Store Preview Video

(Incipia client — we did provide some creative direction)

Peloton’s video jumps right into the action by showing the instructor in a live class, which is a good choice for an app promoting high-energy workouts. Keeping the pace moving is an important goal in this video, and Peloton’s scene transitions does this, while also conveying the brand via polished word animations. Using a tap recognizer and zooming in on elements of the UI also helps the user focus on what’s happening and what to focus on in the scene. Also, by layering text onto the video in the second half, Peloton gets its message across while also gaining precious time for additional footage by precluding the need for a cut-scene.



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