5 Non-Verbal communication examples: Reading Zoom body language

Gabe Kwakyi
1 min readSep 14, 2022

Enhanced emotional intelligence is a must for those who want to excel in the era of Zoom/remote work. Here are several tips to step up your non-verbal/body language skills.

These tips stem from my experiences in 10 years of digital sales, with supplemental knowledge from my recent work transitioning into career coaching.

5 Non verbal communication examples

1. Hand/fingers holding throat

Negative sign. May means: I’m preventing myself from speaking (but may want to)

2. Eyes looking down/around

Negative sign. May mean: I’m uncomfortable/nervous/ashamed

3. Limbs wrapped inward/body closed

Negative sign. Means: I’m mentally closed off (or uncomfortable)

4. Jiggling body parts

Neutral sign. Means: I have excited/nervous energy (or am tired)

5. Hands crossed over mouth

Negative/neutral sign. Indicates: calculating/shrewd thinking

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