Like so many of us, I have been fascinated with the many psychological models devised to categorize our personalities and decipher the patterns which seem to govern how we operate as human beings. In particular, I have always been intrigued by the simple spectrum of introversion vs extroversion.

Recently I was discussing this concept with a friend, who asked how I defined the spectrum — what was my take on the difference between extroverts and introverts? I replied that I saw myself as technically an introvert, given that being “on” — or around people constantly — drained my batteries, while…

The final installment of the Evolving American Capitalism essay series imagines a set of questions that I believe are essential for our society to most effectively direct our evolution of American Capitalism.

During the process of introspecting on the state of American Capitalism, researching what frameworks already exist that show how American Capitalism is evolving, and lastly exploring how corporations have shown their evolution — and stumbling blocks to evolving American Capitalism, I went from a stage of pessimism, to hope as I saw a cauldron of ideas and actions that have been burbling away for years now.

I loved…

Following part 2 of the Evolving Capitalism essay series, which identified several frameworks for quantifying societal profit, part 3 is a deeper dive into how companies actually apply these guiding principles to their real world operations. I’ll begin by exploring several themes underscoring how companies are generating profits (either reducing cost or raising revenues) for society’s stakeholders who have historically been disadvantaged compared to shareholders. …

Continuing on in my research into how companies are approaching societal profit, I came across an encouraging number of initiatives by American corporations that took of all different shapes, sizes and degrees.

In particular, many of the programs I came across were dated in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in particular. In this time period, many companies produced diversity-focused advertising campaigns, made donations (typically $500k to $1 million) to BLM-related philanthropic causes, reiterated their diversity and inclusion policies, touted their D&I executives, and produced D&I reports. …

Continuing on from part 1, I proceeded to hit the ground researching the current private market approaches exist as alternatives to the traditional, myopic dollar-profit focus. I was exuberant (and a little overwhelmed) at just how many schools of thoughts and concepts that have already been developed, promoted and expanded upon.

It also felt good to be fully engaged in a state of learning again, to leap into a brand new, heretofore unknown and massive bubble of knowledge. To re-initiate the process of shuhari all over again in order to forge a new expertise, evoking this process just as I…

For many of us in America who work for — or start — companies, the predominant preoccupation permeating the status quo is:

Growth, and ultimately profit

This multi-part series is my exploration into what I see as an inherent misalignment between what is beneficial for the established capitalist status quo, and what is beneficial for society. In this series I assert and will endeavor to prove that:

  1. A myopic focus on maximizing dollar profits is actually inhibitory to maximizing societal profits.
  2. Capitalism can still be the best core engine for maximizing societal profits and does not need to be replaced…

For those of you looking for the TLDNR/too long did not read, abridged version (plus some new ideas) of what to do to prepare for iOS 14 and the nerfing of the IDFA via SKAdNetwork, here is a concise list of ideas on how to prepare:

Your Marketing Team

  • Prepare to shift your budget to Android, until Google makes its move.
  • Prepare to pause your iOS value optimized campaigns (although perhaps Facebook will continue running value optimized for only users with AppTrackingTransparency IDFA sharing on).
  • Prepare to pause your remarketing campaigns until you can adjust your bids/budgets/audiences for only users who follow AppTrackingTransparency.

This post is aimed at sharing more perspective on both the strategic and tactical implications of iOS 14 for mobile advertisers.

To learn more about what other people are saying about the iOS 14 IDFA opt-in implications, check out this post with podcasts, Slack groups, posts and documentation from Apple on iOS 14 IDFA opt-out resources.

Massive shout outs to Eric Seufert & Gadi Eliashiv, CEO of Singular for rapidly establishing and spreading credible information & interpretations on this subject.

And if you haven’t yet, click here to take our 7-question survey on iOS 14 (we share the current results…

Looking for a good source of information on iOS 14’s Explicit IDFA Opt-In changes?

Get the lowdown from these trusted news sources and stay tuned for upcoming Incipia posts of interpretations and implications on the iOS 14 IDFA matter:

Slack Channels

If you haven’t yet, be sure to join these Slack Channels to get the live discussion and ask questions of your own:

  • Mobile Dev Memo — one of the best sources for news in the entire industry, run by the oracle of mobile marketing who wrote several prediction posts on this very topic, Eric Seufert.
  • Singular’s Slack Group — led by…

Ready to get started expanding your campaigns to advertise to Apple Search Ads Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) users?

Bookmark this post and use our reporting template to help you plan your strategic and tactical approach.

Before clicking this link to our LAT ON reporting methodology, we would recommend reading this full post, and we also want to be clear that our reporting methodology is a work in progress subject to change. We stress that our approach to Apple LAT ON estimations (and this post) is likely to evolve as we continue to work through this problem, and advise that you…

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Co-Founder & CEO @ Incipia App Development and Marketing; former Microsoftie/General Assembly instructor.

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