Apple iOS 14 Explicit IDFA Opt-In — Advertising News Sources

Looking for a good source of information on iOS 14’s Explicit IDFA Opt-In changes?

Get the lowdown from these trusted news sources and stay tuned for upcoming Incipia posts of interpretations and implications on the iOS 14 IDFA matter:

Slack Channels

If you haven’t yet, be sure to join these Slack Channels to get the live discussion and ask questions of your own:

  • Mobile Dev Memo — one of the best sources for news in the entire industry, run by the oracle of mobile marketing who wrote several prediction posts on this very topic, Eric Seufert.

Apple’s Documentation

Of course, get the information from the 1st party source itself — but the details of iOS 14 and IDFA questions can sometimes be hard to interpret from Apple’s documentations as not everything is finalized, spelled fully out or clear, leaving room for guessing at what Apple’s interpretation and actions will be.

Prediction Posts

These authors saw some form of the deprecation of the IDFA coming and provide prescient details into how the world might pan out.

Interpretation Posts

Mobile Measurement Partner Posts

Posts by these players are inherently tinged by some level of bias given their position in the center of this war zone, but these posts and resources are nonetheless extremely valuable as these are the OGs of the attribution space.

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