Condensed Checklist Before iOS 14 IDFA Nerfing and SKAdNetwork

For those of you looking for the TLDNR/too long did not read, abridged version (plus some new ideas) of what to do to prepare for iOS 14 and the nerfing of the IDFA via SKAdNetwork, here is a concise list of ideas on how to prepare:

Your Marketing Team

  • Prepare to shift your budget to Android, until Google makes its move.

Your Engineering Team

  • Implement SKAdNetwork

Your Analytics Team

  • Capture all the user-level data you can right now while you can — get it from API, get it from raw CSV exports, get it however you can. Without hyperbole, this is the last opportunity you will ever have to get this much user-level data on a majority of your users with source, and it will prove invaluable in the coming months to refer back to.

Your Creative Team

  • Start building a backlog of more divergent creative concepts to test and start orienting your testing around optimizing your creative for “hits” — let the networks tell you which creatives have the potential to scale from your creative testing efforts, and only break these high potential creatives into single creative campaigns to get conversion reporting on the creative level.

Your Monetization Team

  • Addition from Jan Pollack via MobileDevMemo Slack for Ad Monetization Managers: Expect critical SDK updates from your mediation & ad network partners and schedule them ahead with your game-teams & engineers.

Co-Founder & CEO @ Incipia App Development and Marketing; former Microsoftie/General Assembly instructor.

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