• Pierpaolo Rai

    Pierpaolo Rai

  • James Gibson

    James Gibson

  • Tayeb Ben

    Tayeb Ben

  • Tanya Fernandes

    Tanya Fernandes

    5 years in mobile marketing, 8+ years in B2B sales

  • Kevin Gibbons

    Kevin Gibbons

    Co-founder, CEO at @Re_signal, a strategy-driven content marketing agency https://resignal.com

  • John S Thompson

    John S Thompson

    I’m a thinker and a feeler, I’m an observer, and sometimes commentator. I am a reader. I am a Pantheist, and a Spiritual Humanist.

  • Clientflow


    ClientFlow is a platform for centralizing client communication. ClientFlow helps teams extract maximum value from client engagements by systematizing teams’​

  • M. Benny

    M. Benny

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