How to prevent burnout with body and mind wellbeing routines

Gabe Kwakyi
5 min readJan 26, 2023

Burnout is a mental and physical health affliction that has become rampant in the modern workplace and can cause serious and long-lasting health issues. Burnout occurs due to factors such as:

  • Excessive pressure to perform
  • The loss of a loved one or important relationship
  • Harmful narratives, such as perfectionism and people-pleasing or over-achievement drives
  • An increasing and constant pressure to succeed, driven by trends of:
  1. The social media “window effect” (seeing primarily the best snapshots of other peoples’ lives and not the struggles)
  2. Globalization and remote working, where people are able to take on jobs anywhere, but are also in competition with a greater number of people
  3. The expansion of knowledge and opportunities in the digital age, where anyone can become just about anything

This constant pressure to work has created intense levels of stress which ultimately overwhelm our ability to cope, which creates the conditions for burnout. In the 5 stage burnout model, burnout occurs when a period of chronic stress becomes too prolonged or intense.



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