Incipia App Teams Survey — January 2017 (Tools)

Twitter Poll — What beta build distribution tool do you use?

  • The appeal of Fabric (a product expansion of the Crashlytics crash reporting tool) was that it offered more bells and whistles than TestFlight, naturally included the amazing Crashlytics SDK and also did not require users to have to download an app just to download your beta app for testing; the downside was the very tedious process of adding new beta testers and a limited total number of testers.
  • BuddyBuild was our favorite for some time, namely for its tools, integration with Crashlytics and above all else for its magical ability to not only allow users to download an app from an email, but also to take care of the tedious user provisioning mentioned as Fabric’s downside. While it began as a fully free product, BuddyBuild recently transitioned to freemium model, affecting things that an app development shop cares about, like build queues and concurrent builds; additionally, it is subject to a smaller limit on the total number of testers, like Fabric.

App Teams Survey Question #1 — What primary attribution tool do you use to see where users are installing your app from?

  1. The equal-footing of Kochava vs Adjust, AppsFlyer and Tune, who lately have been making app marketing headlines by promoting feature additions, raising new funding and publishing boatloads of studies (whereas we haven’t heard a peep from or regarding Kochava).
  2. The dearth of Branch users, again given that it is a free tool (though Branch is not an MMP of Facebook or other popular ad platforms; on the subject, Tune somewhat recently lost its Facebook MMP status).
  3. The number of “other” attribution tool replies (however there was some difficulty encountered whereby respondents didn’t see one or more vendors that were listed, and selected “other” instead).
  1. Tune: 15.6%
  2. Kochava: 15.6%
  3. Adjust: 15.6%
  4. I don’t use an attribution tool: 15.6%
  5. Other: 14.1%
  6. Branch: 3.1%
  7. Apsalar: 1.6%

App Teams Survey Question #2 — What primary analytics tool do you use to see what user behavior is like inside your app?

  1. Google Analytics: 23.4%
  2. Mixpanel: 14.1%
  3. Amplitude: 10.9%
  4. Tune: 10.9%
  5. I don’t use an analytics tool: 6.3%
  6. Localytics: 4.7%
  7. Flurry: 1.6%
  8. Appsee: 0%

App Teams Survey Question #3 — What primary engagement tool do you use to get users to use your app more?

  1. Appboy: 19%
  2. Other: 17.5%
  3. Localytics: 7.9%
  4. Urban Airship: 4.8%
  5. OneSignal: 3.2%
  6. Kahuna: 1.6%
  7. Lean Plum: 1.6%
  8. Swrve: 1.6%
  9. Amazon Pinpoint: 0%

App Teams Survey Question #4 — What primary ASO tool do you use to get more insight into your organic performance?

  1. I don’t use an ASO tool: 18.8%
  2. App Annie: 18.8%
  3. Tune: 14.1%
  4. Sensor Tower: 12.5%
  5. Mobile Action: 4.7%
  6. AppTweak: 3.1%
  7. Other: 3.1%



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